Saturday, June 27, 2009

Could It Ever Happen?

Could we have a day where there is no screaming, kicking, pinching, hair pulling, biting, tantrums, or all out meltdown behavior? Just one day like that would be so wonderful around here. We used to have those days before kids with FAS came into our lives. They are just so impulsive, have such poor boundaries, and do not understand how much they are hurting people. They do not learn from their mistakes so even though they have direct consequences for their action they just keep doing the same things over and over again.

Hanna has the most obnoxious behavior on earth! She hits all the time without thinking first. She picks on things such as the couch where she will just sit and mess with a corner of the fabric until it has a hole in it and then once she gets the hole there she just keeps making it bigger and bigger even though she has been told to stop and been removed from the area many times. She claims to be bored all of the time and when we find things for her to do they just are not any fun. She completely melts down on a daily basis and then there is no reasoning with her at all. It does not help matters that she also has attachment issues and can not stand it when things are going well. She really loves chaos and can create it readily. There was a great deal of chaos in her past and it some how is comforting for her to live like that.

Paul does not have many tantrums but he is very rough even when he is trying to be nice. He does not understand that there can be to much of a good thing. There is not an attachment issue with him and I thank God every day for that.

Allen our other kid with FAS has a huge issue with transitions and we just do not do anything any faster then he chooses to do them or we will get nothing accomplished at all.

Maybe some day we could have a nice, calm, drama free day. When that happens I will be sure to blog about it just to say it actually happened.

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  1. I'm so sorry.I wish loving these children could also be made enjoyable.Well done for keeping your sanity intact.We have the highest rate of FAS in the world but i've never actually come across a child with it.I remember how frustrating it used to be when our 2 year old used to throw tantrums, to live with that and worse eevry single day and not totally lsoe your cool...It takes a lot.