Sunday, December 13, 2009


I am not sure if our house was half full or half empty late yesterday afternoon and early evening.

Rene` and Trevor are busy at school studying for finals. Don`t study and worry about them to much, I know you both will do a great job.

Jared was at the girl friends house.

Lauren was with a PCA.

Paul was on sort of a play date with another little boy.

That left me, Dad, Karre, Hanna, and Allen here for dinner last night. we all sat at one end of the table together. The other end looked a bit out of sorts sitting there empty. It was very quiet as Hanna was in one of her rather pouty states where she is not talking to anyone but that is just fine because it is better then the other extreme she has. Allen does not say much at the table unless he wants milk or something. That left the rest of us to carry on a regular conversation with no one interrupting, spilling anything,or bothering anyone else. It was nice for a change but it would take a while to get used to dinning in such calm all of the time.

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