Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day

Just before 6:00 this morning the cell phones, house phone and the email were all activated with the automated message from the school alerting us that there would be no school today. That sets the routine off and there is one kid here who can not handle that at all.

Karre got to sleep in (if you believe that anyone can sleep with all the racket around here) until 8:00 am and then she will work as a PCA for the rest of the day. She wants the extra hours so no school does not bother her at all.

Lauren will watch cartoons, play cards with anyone who will play, and help me if I ask her to.

Allen is so perfectly happy with being home. There is never any complaint from him. We might even find a Sponge Bob movie for him later.

Paul will play with his cars and chatter to everyone even people who are not listening to him all day long.

Then there is the matter of H-A-N-N-A who is really mad that there is no school today, like I made it snow and blow, and I called off school just so that everyone could listen to her nonsense for the entire day. Even if you never believe me I would rather have you spend a few hours out of here just to give me a break from this nonsense, I am not sure why she is so excited about going to school this morning since yesterday she got in trouble fro being rude to some people at school. I guess she has already forgotten all about that matter.

As Paul told her this morning, "Hanna will you stop plainin, please".

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  1. I'm so glad that we have moved past the girls raging when their schedules changed, its only been a little over a year - so here's hoping that Hanna will outgrow this as well. Our girls still get a little twitchy but we can work with that.