Sunday, December 6, 2009

Out For Lunch

Allen took his Mom (that`s me) and Mum (his birth mother) out for lunch. He is a pretty sweet almost sixteen year old who never wants or needs anything so I figured he could spring for lunch for himself and the two of us. He has lots and lots of allowance saved up. He enjoyed eating of course. Mum enjoyed spending a couple of hours with him, telling him how grown up he is and how much he has grown, actually he has not grown at all for more then two years but I did not bother to fill her in on that. I sat and listened to her as she worried about her future and I totally get it, she has much to be concerned about.

She has two hours of services provided through her county each week to help her schedule her appointments and work hours, manage her budget and bill paying, buy appropriate groceries, and plan out the meals so that she can prepare them and make her food and money last throughout the week. As of January first she is losing these two hours of help which she REALLY needs. She is very concerned about all of this and I am sure she will struggle a great deal trying to function on her own. If she fails or more likely then not when she does there goes a tax paying, working, home owner, member of society who will then require services which will cost much more then those two lousy hours each week are costing both in $$$ and in assets to society. Mum has stayed alcohol and drug free for nearly eleven years now and I am really proud of her for that! Her intelligence is questionable and she has FAS (yes, she finally was diagnosed). If only we lived closer I would spend two hours each week keeping her on track, It would be time well spent. Some times just a little assistance goes a very long way and this is one such example of that. Sigh, oh maybe that should be a REALLY BIG SIGH!

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  1. Are there any local churches or smile programs where she lives that could be contacted to see if someone would volunteer to help her out? You have a big heart Cyndi - bless you