Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Yesterday I went to the last IEP meeting of 2009, at least the last one scheduled. It went pretty much as usual. Our kid who has tantrums and meltdowns daily, screams for hours, tries to hurt herself, those around her, and destroys property all of the time, the one who steals, lies, and cheats constantly, the kid that is not trusted at all and needs to be watched or shut in her room with an alarm on it is "a great kid", "a wonderful student", "polite", and get this "very will behaved" at school. They have no clue what a ticking time-bomb they are dealing with herr. I really tried to give them an understanding of what this kid is really all about just in case she blows up on them. I am not sure any of it sunk in though. Some people will be shocked when it happens and eventually it will.


  1. Oh I hear you!
    Must be something this crazy mom is doing wrong at home...!!!
    Mine had their eyes opened - WIDE - over the last few weeks - they now listen when I talk!!
    Good luck, keep on swimming!!

  2. BTDT as well. When I tried to give my sons' newest teacher a head's up about some of his manipulative behaviors she kept using phrases like, "Well, I've not seen that" or, "well, I've been trained in that" or my favorite, "well, that's your opinion" (yeah - based on 15 years of parenting him, and yours is on 3 weeks of knowing him). I gave up and just let her figure him out herself. She called today to tell me she supports me 100% because she's dealing with an awful lot with him right now, including all of the issues I brought up with her earlier this year (that she just didn't believe!!) Live and learn I guess. My real anxiety about this stems from the fact that if they can't believe the things I'm warning them about, then when he does explode (and he will in time) then I'll be accused of putting other people in jeopardy by NOT telling. Can't win.