Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Keep Doing Whatever It Is....

I am not sure what it is that we are supposed to keep doing, but that was the resounding message from the U of M specialists that Paul saw yesterday. He needs new glasses not because his vision issues have gotten worse, it is quite the opposite, it has improved quite a bit. His traumatic brain injury causes him to process the things he sees differently then the way most of us do it. What is it that we are doing right ?

He wears a patch over his better eye two to three hours a day in order to get him to use the other one.

He is in occupational therapy once weekly to work on eye-hand coordination and does those same things every day at home.

He works with a vision teacher who comes into his special education class.

Other then those specific things we treat him as much as possible as an average four year old, provide food, clothing, and shelter for him, and probably more important than all of that is that he is our precious little boy whom we love dearly so we will keep doing whatever it is we are doing right.

With all of that great news I now need to go round 896 or whatever it is with insurance to try to get them to pay for glasses that he will actually keep on. If they only had some common sense they could save themselves a lot of money too. Then when I get done with that I need to schedule surgery so they can shorten the muscle of his weak eye to get the two eyes to work together better, help with his depth perception, and get his appearance looking better.

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  1. Isn't the human brain's capacity to heal and accommodate amazing! Glad to hear that everything is going so well, and keep doing what you're doing!