Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A 100 Thing

Yesterday morning I was about 3/4 of the way through my "me" time when the phone rang. It was Paul`s school. "Paul has a temperature of about a hundred so he needs to go home, can you come get him"?

I felt like saying who me, I know no kid named Paul, but I just told them I`d be there. I grabbed a banana, my cell phone, and a jacket and headed out the door.

When I got to his school Paul was in the classroom so they could not have been to concerned about him being contagious or anything. When Paul saw me walk into the classroom he ran over to where the para was giving me the scoop and yelled "hi, mom I got a 100 thing in my ear so I get to go home with you, ya hoo"! That is Paul speak for they took my temperature.

He chattered and bounced as we walked to two blocks home. He did not appear to be ill in any way so when we got home I took his temperature and it was 98.9. Paul played cars, trucks, and Mickey Mouse until to other kids came home from school. At that time I needed to take someone else to the clinic for some work on orthotics so I decided to take Paul along and have one of our nurse friends take his temperature. She took it twice and came up with 98.6 both times and as she put it "that is about as normal as it gets".

According to Paul his 100 thing fell out of his ear while he was sleeping last night and he would like to go with me today. He is not going with me since I am taking Lauren to a medical appointment which is very time consuming and requires some hurry up and wait time. It also involves 2 1/2 hours in the cars. Since I can not be around to wait for the school to find another 100 in his ear Dad gets to take a day off from work to stay with him. Lets just say that Dad is not to excited about the situation. I told him he could stay with Paul or take Lauren. Since he does not do this appointment thing unless it is a life or death emergency, he gets to play cars, trucks, and Mickey Mouse.

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