Monday, April 25, 2011

Computer Crash

Well our computer crashed as you might have guessed since I have not been keeping up with things here lately. The thing was doing crazy things and as time went along they just got a littler bit worse so we finally took it into get it looked at since Rene` (our Navy tech chic) thought it was likely toast and would cost to much to fix. She was correct there, it was going to cost at least as much to fix the old one as it was to replace it.Since we could no longer get anything done on the internet we had to get a new one . I guess we can not live long without a computer when we are running a small business. The guy at the store kept saying how much faster these new ones are then the old one. Really I do not need things to move faster here. I can live in the slow lane were it takes a whole second for the computer to do what I need it to do. Anyway I am back to life in the computer lworld.


  1. Welcome back! I wondered why you were so quiet!

  2. I know all about broken computers. I just bought a new one last week. Can't live long without one is right!