Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cookie Monster

I had five dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies all ready to go in the freezer so that the kids could have them in their lunch boxes for the rest of the school year. I should have taken them downstairs and locked them up, but I had something to do upstairs so I ran up there first, because you should not have to worry about a box of cookies disappearing, right? Dad went outside to check on Allen and Paul who were playing in the back yard. Karre was reading a book in the family room and Lauren was sitting on the couch in the living room with the dog. Hanna was drawing at the table. When I discovered the cookies were missing we made a quick search for them. Even before we began looking for them I had a pretty good idea that our usual thief, Hanna, had something to do with the disappearance. She headed upstairs yelling that she was to busy to look for cookies,and did not help us look for them. I found the box in the refrigerator with ONE cookie left in it. The other fifty-nine have vanished and I have no idea where she put them. Since we can`t find any of them, she likely has consumed them.

Now she is trying to talk Lauren into saying that she took them. I hope the kid turns furry and blue and maybe she will sprout some of those big, bulging eyes too, Wouldn`t that look cute. Oh, I hope she enjoyed the cookies, yum, yum. and maybe her tummy is feeling a bit full as well. She did not want any of the applesauce cookies that we had for dinner.

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  1. Augh - 59 cookies?! My son could (and has) eaten that much at once. It boggles the mind how he never steals one granola bar, he steals 8 at a time (darn those big boxes from Sams Club!) and then he never just throws the wrappers away - he hides them behind a dresser and then claims someone else put them there to frame him. Good thing we weren't born yesterday!