Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just One Day

I wanted the day off yesterday since I had a sinus congestion thing going and my head felt terrible. When our neurotypical kids were teenagers you could say give me a break and they would. They would feed themselves, keep the noise level down, and maybe even throw a load of laundry in or do the dishes. I got the what are you talking about looks from these four.

I told them that they could warm up leftovers or make a bowl of cereal for dinner. Lauren and Allen had cereal and bananas. Paul decided to just have a banana, and then you have Hanna who was going to stand by the window and wait for Dad to come home and cook dinner. Our PCA Angie explained to her several times that Dad was working late and he was not going to be home before her bedtime so she had better decide to eat something or go without. She finally decided to have cereal, slamming and banging very loudly throughout the process.

Allen went back outside to swing and was refusing to come in for a shower so I told Angie to jest get his teeth brushed and meds in and forget the shower.

Paul was looking for his tires (shoes) throwing all of the shoes out of the basket and yelling over and over that he needed his tires to go outside. What he really needed was to get ready for bed since it was past going outside time.

I do not even have a clue when the last time I took a break from parenting these kids was, probably never. There needs are so great that you just can not take time off. I do know that they can`t pick up on the very obvious clues that they need to back off at times. As soon as they went to bed I took my throbbing head there as well. The noise this morning did not cause nearly as much pounding in my head and I guess it is back to work for me today.

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