Monday, April 11, 2011

Heard From Our Soldier

We got a call from Jared yesterday afternoon. He is doing well. He likes shooting guns, throwing grenades, and doing obstacle courses. He likes to do this hands on type stuff. He is totally bored with the classroom stuff. He says he has to make himself pay attention so he can get it done. They have had severe storms and tornadoes there. He says one minute it is freezing and then all of a sudden it gets to hot.

He is ready to come home and cook with me, that is he does the cooking and I clean up the mess afterward. I wouldn`t mind letting him in on the cooking action. I don`t enjoy it quite as much as he does.

It looks like some of us will be heading to Missouri for his graduation ceremony the second week in May. That is not the best of times to be going anywhere (like everything in the military you go when and where they tell you to go). since Rene` and Trevor have finals then and will not be home yet and Karre in making costumes for the spring play which is performing that week. Karre will miss one of the performances so she can go. We are leaving Lauren, Allen, and Hanna here with PCA staff. We will take the little guy with us since I don`t think he is ready to be left here.

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