Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hanna has been up to absolutely no good the entire weekend. She is totally ticked off because Lauren got to go to the after prom party and she did not get to. We explained that she is thirteen and not old enough to go and sometimes you just do not get to do everything you want to do. We did not go into the other half dozen reasons she would not get to go because she would have totally turned us off by then. She pouted, stomped around trashed a few things, and was generally very loud.

We went out for lunch/ dinner since we had some errands to run anyway. Hanna sat there and picked apart her food. She then lost it when she did not get to have ice cream. What a hoot having a thirteen year old who needed to be removed from the restaurant.

While Hanna was creating chaos Dad, Paul and I had a lot of fun playing campa (Paul speak for camper). Dad and Paul arranged some chairs, pillows, and blankets in the corner of the living room to make a pretend campa. Paul was sitting on one of the chairs pretending to drive Dad and I around while we sat behind him on the floor. He had a Curious George book that he was using as his stubbin wheel (steering wheel). With him driving we were going to be in the ditch, on top of the mountain, or in the middle of a corn field, anywhere but on the road. When we got to where ever it was we were going we got out of the campa and made pretend lunch. We had white things with chocolate mixed up (smores I think),toast with peanut butter and bury (raspberry) jam, pretzels, and orange soda. After that tasty lunch we slept under the stars until it was night time and then we got to go back into the campa because it was to scary to stay outside.

It is a great gift to have this little boy who does not get wrapped up in the drama and chaos to play with and love. This is what moms and dads should get to do on Sunday afternoons. Paul makes me one happy campa!

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