Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not Today

I got the stinky Marigold plant in a paper cup, with the dirt spilled all over the backpack and a really sweet hand made card from Paul. I got hugs and kisses from Allen. I got to go out for a nice lunch with Karre. I got an email from Lauren with a picture of a crown and "I love you" on it. I got to talk on the phone with my older kids. Oh, yeah the seven of them appreciate having a mom and show it in little ways all year round.

Then there is the eighth child who just had to make me something with foam art. Isn`t it lovely. I am choosing not to say a single word about it to her. She has been trying to push my buttons all day and get me to say something and I am just not going to give her the satisfaction of the argument. I am NOT going to go there, not today anyway.

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