Friday, May 6, 2011

Little Black Purse

Today I am digging my little black purse out from where ever it is hiding in my closet. It is the one that meets military regulations, it is simple, neat, and yeah just a bit to small.

I usually carry around a brightly colored bag which is large enough to accommodate all of the things a mom like me needs to carry around. I have to admit that the size of my purse has increased as the number of kids has increased.

Into the little black purse go my wallet (the small one), a little money, and of course my gorgeous photo ID, which looks nothing like me. I will take a couple sticks of gum to keep Paul quiet. The fruit snacks and Cheerios will not fit so they stay home. I can not take the all en wrench and screw driver which I carry to fix broken wheelchairs, nor the nail clipper or the tiny little scissors because they are considered weapons. I can not take the half dozen fidgets, there isn`t room for them. I guess Paul will survive if I squeeze one small car in for him to play with. The baby wipes can not go, I hope we have no sticky messes to clean up. The lotion, lip gloss, kids medications, and contact solution are not allowed either. My Ipod and Nook are not allowed. I can bring my phone and camera, but will have to take them through a seperate security check. I have my directions, parking pass, and invitation to Jared`s ceremony and that is about all that will fit into my little black purse.

There sure are a lot of rules to follow for just one little black purse. It would take me a while to get used to this.

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