Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Little Boys

Yesterday was one crazy day around here. When I left to take Hanna to get adjustments made on her orthotics all was well on the home front.

Lauren and the dog were laying in the hammock. She isn`t going to get into much trouble there.

Allen was happily swinging and singing.

Paul and Andrew were loading dandelions into Paul`s dump truck. They both had yellow stuff all over themselves and every now and then Andrew had to be told to take them out of his mouth, but they were little boys playing hard.

Rene` and Angie had things under control and Dad was going to be home shortly so I left for a half hour. When I came home all of the peacefulness was gone. Paul was screaming his head off because he had just walked under the swing and got smacked on the side of the face with Allen`s foot. He needed his mom, a little time to rock, some ice, and a warm washcloth to clean up the blood coming from his lip. He is fine, just a shoe print on the side of the face.

Everyone made it through dinner, showers, and schoolwork before we had the next round of little boy trouble. Andrew was running and fell on his face, biting the inside of his lip. I was holding while his mom was trying to get it to stop bleeding and we could not get it to stop as he had a rather nasty chunk out of the lip so Rene` and Angie took him to Urgent Care to get that fixed.

We had enough little boy action, blood, and trauma for a few days.

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