Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quilts No More

Rene` is home cleaning my house. She is the best cleaner around. She gets things done so much faster then I do. I guess she learned that in the Navy.

She was sweeping in Hanna`s room and found a massive amount of hair stuffed in the drawer and under the bed. That is because Hanna is pulling her hair out one strand at a time and it is really a mess right now. It is so bad that people are asking if she is on chemo or something. No, it`s just a Hanna thing.

There were lots of rubber bands that she takes off her braces, too. The kid just can not keep her fingers out of her mouth.

The other thing she found were strings, lots and lots of them. When Rene` asked me where they were coming from I told her I had no idea.

Then we decided to strip her bed and wash everything since we had cleaned the rest of the room. When we picked up her quilt it was obvious where those strings had come from. We no longer have a quilt, we have a sack full of stuffing that falls to the bottom when it is picked up. Then we took the other quilt off and yeah, she had taken all of the stitching out of that one as well. Quilts are not cheap and here in Minnesota they are very useful. I like to keep warm when it is twenty something below zero.

Now the kid has only her sheets to sleep with. I do not know what we are going to do when it gets cold again. I saved those lovely bags of stuffing and maybe she can use them to keep warm.

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