Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Marathon Begins

From now until the middle of July is going to be a marathon of activity here. We have IEP meetings, military family events, a birthday, graduation, two older kids traveling to Europe on educational trips, a trip to Duluth, etc, etc. Along with all of the events I still have to keep things running and the routine as normal as possible in order for some of our kids to function.

I am ready for lots of family time, I will be ready for school to be out early next month, I think, and I have most of this organized in my head and on my calendar as well. I will get this marathon under way today by getting something done with my hair, which is a mess and driving me crazy, and getting Paul a haircut too. Tomorrow is a surgery day for Lauren so all I can do is fill out forms, sit around, and read a good book. In order to finish this marathon I will have to pace myself and take the down time when it is available.

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