Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Babies And Wings

Our little boy is so awesome! The other morning before it was really time to be getting up he was in our bed chattering away as always. He asked where my wings were so I tried to explain that I am human and I do not have wings. So he came back with mom and dad hum mans (his words for humans) have wings on their fingers. Then I realized that I had not put my wedding rings back on after cleaning the bathroom the night before.

A couple of weeks ago Karre bought our cat a green, springy, frog toy with bells on its feet, and furry and feathery things on it. Paul has decided that it is his "buddy, boy, baby" and he calls it Kermit. He is carrying the thing everywhere wrapped in a doll blanket. There is no way to get it through to him that seven year old boys don`t usually carry cat toys with them to the backyard and park so I guess Kermit comes along,  He is an adorable, little, green, baby that attracts lots of attention from people who do not know Paul.

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