Thursday, June 28, 2012

Allen`s I-Pod

"I didn`t steal it I took it"!

Those two words steal and took mean the same thing for most of us in this situation, but in Hanna`s mind they are totally different things.

Allen has an i-pod (his "talker") loaded with a communication program which he is able to use to tell us simple things like " I am going to the bathroom" or "I want to eat lunch".  This device has been missing since May 22nd. I know that for a fact based on what was going on around here and the notes written in the school/home notebook. The last two months of the school year Hanna was being pretty awful with her behavior mainly because other students were getting to do things that she thought she should get to do too. She is not old enough and explaining that gets no where. At any rate she had her Dad believing that Allen had just lost his "talker", which could happen, however, the couch and chairs he sits in were checked many times, the sand under the swings was raked out, his locker and backpack were cleaned out, and the bus was checked more then once and it was not found.  Dad and I had a discussion about this a couple of days ago and at that time we decided to drop the issue and have the i-pod replaced. We did not have Hanna or anyone else in on this conversation and did not tell them that we had talked about the issue.

This morning after Dad told her to stop being nosey Hanna was mad and stomping around the kitchen.  After awhile she blurts it out "I didn`t steal it I took it". That`s when I quickly put the pieces together and figured out that she was talking about Allen`s i-pod.  Now we have to wait it out to see if she brings it back or not. I told her she would be in less trouble if it was returned, but it is just as likely she gave it to someone else and she doesn`t have it or know where it is any more.

She brought me a dollar bill (don`t know where she got that from) and a button and says "will this pay for Allen`s i-pod"?

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