Friday, June 22, 2012

RAD And Routine

you would think things are going smoothly around here by reading this blog. Yeah they are I guess. Smoothly here is far from what the average family would find to be so, however.

All of the medical stuff has settled down a lot as compared to last winter. We are working with neurology for Lauren as usual. Paul`s neurology stuff has settled down so that is in a holding pattern for now. The 2 girls are still going to the orthodontist regularly, Hanna much more often then Lauren at this point. The good news is that Hanna is likely to get her braces off some time next year. There is a down side to that, in that she is likely to need jaw surgery at that time, BIG SIGH! The boys are stable. We finally have referrals for oral surgery for both Lauren and Allen to get the wisdom teeth out.  (We have been working on this project for several years now). Lauren`s is actually being done this fall when we do her other routine stuff for her CP.

The only kid going to school this summer is Paul and he likes to go play with his friends there so that is going okay, too.

We still have RAD behavior ALL the time. I have come to the conclusion that this will never change so we just live with it. It drives me nuts and there are times that I just have to get out of here to calm myself down. The kid spends all of her time doing things just to annoy. Some of the latest adventures include...

We are going to get your haircut in 15 minutes, get your shoes on and wait on the stairs for me. No shoes on, out the door, and sitting in  the mud puddle. Apparently Trevor said it was okay.

Wearing the only dress up outfit (which was on a high shelf) to the park, why because Mom was not here to say "no".

Feeding the cat a full 16 ounce container of food. (He actually eats 2 tablespoons at a time), poor cat was not feeling so well for a day or 2. I guess she figures that if she can not get away with eating everything in sight she will let the cat do it for her.

I had to put a code on my cell phone because she was dialing random numbers on it, and people seem to think that she should have her own phone, NOT!

All of this would be so okay if she really did not understand and know better, but when she is telling us that she is doing this "because is is so fun" then it makes me crazy. There is nothing fun about purposeful, defiant, nasty behavior and there never will be.

So this is routine and except for the RAD nonsense it is an okay place to be.

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