Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oh Really???

My daughter and her thesis partner called me with some serious issues with this article. I agree with their concerns. I find it hard to believe that those cells which are forming in the first eight weeks of pregnancy are safe from damage. These are the cells from which everything grows and develops and if they are impaired in any way that will cause damage to everything that comes later in the development process. For example our son who has Down Syndrome has three chromosomes on number 21 and if you were to examine all of the cells in his body you wold find the same throughout.  Why on earth would any mom want to take a chance on their child`s future? My kids whose birth moms consumed alcohol while pregnant can clearly tell you that they wish the drinking had never happened. They function at a much different level then most of us, but they do understand that they are different from their peers and when they are being impulsive, forget what day of the week it is, or can`t figure out how to make change for a dollar they get frustrated and they wish they could do those things like everybody else.

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