Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chairman Meow

 Paul, the kid who screams, crawls up your leg, shakes, and totally goes nuts as soon a he knows there is an animal around actually asked for a cat about 5 months ago. After making sure he was feeling okay and hearing it repeatedly from him we started taking him seriously. We had been sitting with him while he got used to Karre`s cats, Sven and Ole. After quite awhile he actually got off the chair and started playing with them. He had even asked to go to Karre`a house, more then once to play with the cats. We finally decided to get a cat, but it had to be a Mom approved cat so finding the right one took a while.

Introducing our adorable, baby,Chairman Meow, or Meow for short.  He is a Munchkin cat so he will stay little like he is now. He weights 1 1/2 pounds. He is all white except for one very, very tiny black spot by his eye, which you will not even notice unless you are really looking for it. He is famous, since the vets asked if they could put him on their Facebook. (of course that brings about a discount for us).
This cat likes to be held so he will come stand by you and rub his head on your leg and meow until he gets picked up. After he runs around and plays he just plops down and sleeps anywhere. Hanna and Paul should try that sometime.
This is Paul holding Chairman Meow for the first time all by himself. 

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