Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fly Patrol

We have a new obsession around here and this one I do not mind in the least. Hanna finally figured out how to use a fly swatter. (Hey, actually being able to destroy a fly with a fly swatter takes some patience and coordination). She had been wandering around here for more then an hour trying to get a fly and when she finally whacked one dead she was so proud of herself. After that she caught on and had half a dozen of the obnoxious pests before lunch. After lunch she started looking for them again and got some more. Then she put the swatter away and paced around the kitchen. She got it out once again and went back to work on the task. She repeated this several times all afternoon. In the end she cleared out all of the flies in the house, but by tomorrow morning there will be more of them to keep her busy

This obsession will keep those flies from driving me nuts all summer long. I think I might have to reward her for this one, maybe we will have to spring for a new, hot green fly swatter.

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