Monday, October 26, 2009

And Off They Go

The older kids have just gone to school and Paul will soon be heading out the door too.

Lauren was wearing a long sleeved t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and her winter coat.

Allen had on a long sleeved t-shirt and a light jacket.

Hanna had on a tank top, Capri's, and no jacket at all.

It is thirty-eight degrees out, cool but not that bad for Minnesota at this time of the year. None of the three will be harmed in any way because of the choices they made this morning, so I just let them go the way they were,however I find it interesting that the kid who is supposed to be the least intelligent of the three is the only one who got it right.You are the man, Allen, way to go!

1 comment:

  1. That's because the 'least intelligent' are not bothered by the intellectual and social sanctions of clothes.

    They feel the weather as it is.

    Sorry to go all 'primitivist' on you.

    And remember that girls are influenced in a big way by clothes. (See first sentence).