Thursday, October 1, 2009

It Is Raining

Yes, it is raining outside therefore the apple orchard trip is off. We also had rain inside today as Lauren had tears this morning. She wanted to go on the trip "not do stupid work" , whatever that is. She has had a rough week. She lied several times to several different people and did a terrible job on her school work. She also has not done any of her chores so when allowance is handed out tonight she will not be getting any. We know that she is capable of doing this work with no trouble. Her teacher has been out a couple of times this week so I think she is seeing what she can get away with. She is just a little off right now.

I guess Hanna will have to be my buddy tomorrow as we have decided that this thing they are doing just is not appropriate for her. We will certainly have a rain of tears tomorrow and I am sure a lot of thunder (screaming) to go along with the rain.

These girls had better change the weather very soon or Mom is going to set off a storm of her own.

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