Friday, October 2, 2009

Science According To Hanna

The rain continues off and on here today. It is cloudy and gray out. I am not really getting anything done here as I have to keep track of Hanna who is not a happy camper at all. She is mad at Mom and Dad because we would not let her go with her "friends" today. Those are the same "friends" who have gotten her into sooooo much trouble already. She does not care at all about the content of the event that they are attending just these kids.

This morning she went outside to sit in the tree house so she could freeze into an ice block. I tried to explain that if it is raining then it is not freezing out there and no matter how long she sat out there she would not turn into an ice block, she would just get cold and wet bare feet and all (she did not put on shoes), and she would must certainly survive out there. she sat out there for more then an hour screaming her head off. At least I could watch her from inside where it is warm and dry. Her Dad told her, when he got home for lunch that if she really wanted it cold out there he could supply some ice from the refrigerator. She just yelled at him to" keep to your own business". She sure does not have a clue about science. We asked her if she knew what science was and she told us that it is "a day we eat outside". That says it all right there.

The plan had been to take her out for lunch at the DQ her favorite place in the world and then go do some fun things for the afternoon. We had explained this to her but she is so stuck on being with her "friends" and really does not care at all about what we would like her to do, that she can not keep from losing it over something that neither she nor we had any control over. We sure did not plan for this event that is not appropriate for her.

I think that we had better eat outside this weekend and learn something about science while we are at it. Even though she is a real grouch today this whole thing is rather funny when you watch her in action.

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