Thursday, October 8, 2009

Seeing Rainbows

I cleared out the mountain of laundry, every last dirty sock is off the floor, they are all washed, dried, folded, in the baskets to be put away, and I even mopped the floor in there. This is all really great, every one has clean clothes to put away and there should be no hassle of anyone needing something clean for a few days. There is one problem here though, Hanna`s basket is completely empty except for the two toys that I had picked up and one clean t-shirt.

I knew something was up and I knew that I needed to go into her room to check it out. I put it off for a while and did several other things that I wanted done and then I went up there. What I found is gross and disgusting to say the least. She had returned the dirty clothes to her drawers and closet and put them in with the clean ones. They were not in a separate place or anything. She has created rainbows with them. The underwear are all neatly folded and in order pink, peach, lemon yellow,etc. etc. The pajamas are rolled up into balls, softball size with the pants on the outside tied in a knot to secure the bundles, they to are arranged yellow, green, blue.... In the closet everything is lined up short to long red, orange, yellow, etc. She even switched out the hangers so that they are in color order.

I asked her what the heck she was doing here and she told me all about rainbows, One of our PCAs had taught her that rainbows were always in order and being the obsessive person she is, she found this concept very exciting and just could not keep from obsessing with it. Thanks, Angie. Now why can she keep this bit of not so useful information in that head of hers and other more useful stuff just slides right back out, I just do not understand?

Lately she has been telling us that she can not change her underwear because she will mess up her pattern, well now I know all about the pattern. Getting her to change her clothes is a hassle as it is. Getting her to wear underclothes, and pajamas is beyond a hassle. She did not have underwear, socks, or pajamas until she came here.

I do not mind that she is into the rainbow thing at all. Fold the clothes all you want to kid, but DO NOT put the dirty ones back in with the clean ones. Grass stained pants and smelly t-Shirts are one thing, but I draw the line with the smelly socks, and dirty underwear in there.

I had to empty everything out and now I have more then one rainbow to sort through trying to clean up this mess. I will not be folding and hanging all of these clothes up, my lovely helper Hanna will get to do that. I am sure she will have fun making some more rainbows.

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