Monday, October 5, 2009


Paul has grown enough to have out grown the clothes that he has been wearing for the past two years. The pants had gotten short enough that you could see his legs above the sock line and the shirts had a little tummy sticking out of them. He is not any where near the size a boy nearly five years old is supposed to be and that is due to his FAS. Our pediatrician will be thrilled to see that he has grown because he has expressed some concerns about the issue on more then one occasion.

This growing spurt prompted me to clear out his drawers and remove all the things that are to small for him. I, of course had plenty of Paul help in the process. He opened drawers, threw everything on the floor, slammed drawers, and smashed his fingers in them. Finally Dad rescued me and fixed the boo-boo, too. I reloaded the drawers with new clothes that he has gotten that were in the to big box. Thank goodness for adjustable waist pants. With some of the older kids I would have to get grandma to take them all in so that they would stay on the behind, but these just pull the elastic to fit and button. His winter jacket is getting to short in the sleeves for him as well, but he will be wearing it until after Christmas because the new one has already been put away.

I said "my baby boy has gotten so big".

Paul replied "I-A-Boy".

He is a boy, but he will always be my baby, too.

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