Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Noisy Oatmeal

The morning routine is that I get Lauren, Allen, Hanna, and Paul out of bed. Then I make sure the two girls are getting themselves dressed and cleaned up so that they will be presentable for the day. I then head down stairs to supervise breakfast and medications while Dad finishes helping the boys get dressed, gets ready for work, and makes sure Karre is up before joining us in the dining room.

This morning Hanna and Lauren got down stairs before I did as I had stopped to make needed adjustments to Paul`s new jeans and answer a couple of questions that Karre had. Hanna decided to make her own oatmeal. She had asked Lauren how much water to put in it and Lauren had told her a little bit. I guess a little bit is about two teaspoons full in the concrete thinking Hanna mind. I have no idea how long she had set the microwave for, by the time I got down there the oatmeal was smelling awful,very dark brown, flaky stuff, smoking in the microwave. It set the fire alarms off, yes all eleven of them (that is what code requires in our house). That sent Allen into sensory overload so he was not going to cooperate any longer, Hanna was mad at Lauren because the oatmeal was nasty, and I am left with a bowl that has oatmeal crud stuck to it that I am going to need a chisel to get off of there.

I would rather have them trying to do things like this independently and messing it up then to have someone doing everything for them. That is what makes this our ordinary, always something out of the ordinary happening world. It was a very loud, smelly place to be for awhile this morning.

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