Monday, August 2, 2010


We went camping with some wonderful folks. We had plenty of good food including this breakfast Jared made for us.

We relaxed and visited. That is my friend Mrs. Coffee or whatever she calls herself sitting next to Jared and Allen just doing his own thing as usual. Mrs. Coffee`s husband, Jared, and the other dads took the kids out for boat rides and tubing for the afternoon. Thanks a million guys! The break from FASD was ssssooooooo nice. Karre helped the kids tye-dye and screen print. The shirts, shorts, and bandannas turned out well.

This just seems a little bit crazy when you are out roughing it, but Jared and Paul had to watch The Mickey Mouse Club House on Jared`s phone. Allen is not quite ready for the day yet. Hey it kept the little guy occupied for about twenty minutes, whatever works.


  1. Sounds like fun!! Well, ok, I admit, I am just saying that, lol. Bugs. Heat. Humidity. Dirt. Sand. Camping is not really my idea of fun. But it looks like it was fun for those of you who enjoyed the weekend!! And good friends, good food and relaxation mean a lot more than those other things I mentioned1