Friday, August 6, 2010

I Am A Hamster

Angie has come to rescue me today from the thunder storm. She is keeping close tabs on Hanna. Allen is outside swinging and singing, and the other two are laying low for now. I had to shut myself in the office to get some things done.

I have been dealing with Medical Assistance stuff for several hours now and it feels like I am a hamster running on one of those wheels, I keep moving but am getting absolutely nowhere. Hey, state of MN do you really want to save yourself lots of money? If so just open your ears and actually listen to parents who are raising kids with multiple disabilities for a minute or two.

Instead of paying for four cheap, leaky, diapers a day why don`t you let us get one of the super absorbent ones a day. I have tried this and it keeps the kid`s bed dry 90% of the time verses 8% of the time.your way. It would cost you fewer $ and save me LOTS of laundry.

Instead of buying cheap, plastic eye glasses that the kid will not wear and breaks on a daily buy a pair of flexible frame glasses that fit well, are light weight, and believe it or not the kid will keep them on. State of MN, you paid more then $2,000.00 for glasses for this kid BEFORE you finally bought one pair of the good ones which cost about $250.00. He has had those glasses for five years now and this has saved lots of money. Guess what.the cheap ones are the plan again, what a waste of tax payer $$. Hey, we can do this, but really I can find better things to do with my time and your money. Allen will have lots of fun with this.

Instead of allowing surgeons to remove all four impacted wisdom teeth at one time BEFORE they cause damage to the kid`s teeth (which you are paying to straighten) you are willing to take them out ONLY after the damage is done AND only the one causing the problem at the time, really now state of MN you are going to put this kid through FOUR surgeries? You want to save yourself LOTS of money and my kid can be spared all of this trauma which she does not need let us do this at the same time she is having another procedure done.

These are only three of the many examples of what this hamster is dealing with today, and tomorrow and the next day, and on and on and on. This whole process keeps the makers of extra strength Tylenol in business, is going to give me an ulcer, and is causing my hair to gray very quickly, too.

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  1. Maybe you can talk them into hiring you as consultant for say 10% of the savings :)