Thursday, August 5, 2010

They Are All Gone

This morning the house is empty and silent, I can even here the annoying cricket outside the open window. Dad is at work, Lauren, Allen , and Hanna are on a picnic/swimming adventure with there special education class and Karre being the helpful sort went along to help out, and Paul is swimming for the last time with the preschool kids. He will be a big kid is about three weeks when he starts kindergarten. This is the last quiet morning until school really starts in September.

Rene` is done with her medical anatomy, five hours in the lab and two hours lecture, five days a week for ten weeks class today. Good luck on the finals!!! She is picking Trevor up at the airport as he is coming back from Washington DC and they are spending the weekend at the lake with friends before Trevor heads back to North Dakota to train RA`s (residence assistants) and Rene` comes home to work until the end of August.

I have gotten so much done already this morning that I think I will have time to build a garage for Paul`s cars after lunch. /The other kids will not be back until later this afternoon and when Paul is the only kid here he does nothing but hang on me so I might as well play with him since I will not get anything else done anyway.

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