Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just A Little Bit Impulsive

Well we have a bit of impulsive behavior going on around here today. That is all to common in the days when there are kids who have FASD in the house. Some days are worse then others, but in general these kids are far to impulsive for their own good. It sure gets them into a lot of trouble.

Hanna got in a big hurry and fell going up the steps when coming in from outside and scraped her arm. She will survive, even though she sure thinks this will be her last day on earth. She can not find her swimming bag, which she needs for school tomorrow. I know where it is, and she has opened the drawer at least twice already, but she has not taken the time to look before slamming it shut again. Eventually I will give her a hint as to its whereabouts, or should I say I will directly stick her face in front of it and then she will tell me that it was not there before.

Paul is stomping around here going crazy because since he dumped the entire crayon box out on the floor in the family room he has to pick all of them up. He will get to it after he is done screaming, flapping his entire body all over the place, and spitting (the spitting makes me the most crazy as it is disgusting).

There are times when it sure would be nice if they could some how get it into their brains to think before they act. These impulsive behaviors we can live with, but when I think about their future as adults with these behaviors it is down right frightening. They are going to need a lot of support in order to live successfully in society.


  1. Any chance as they develop they will be a little less impulsive?

  2. There is no chance this will go away at all. It is just part of the damage done by alcohol.