Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Storm

We have been watching it off in the the distance for a couple of days now, the Hanna storm that has been brewing out on the prairie. The humidity was rising quickly when Allen put the forks on the dinner table, supposedly in the wrong place and he did not want her to move them (like it really matters where they are) and neither one of them was willing to budge on the matter. Everyone knows that you just do not argue with Allen unless it is a life or death situation, which it was not. Dad settled the fork issue and got Allen back on task. Hanna was another matter altogether, she did not like anything we were eating hamburgers, fruit, and vegetables (there are no choices, you eat what is served or go without, no one has starved yet), she did not like who she was sitting by, and she did not like the fact that she was going to have to help me clean up the kitchen afterward.

Clean the kitchen turned out to be when the thunder and lightning came crashing down with all its might. Hanna was washing dishes and threw a cup full of water at the window, I told her to calm down and finish up, instead she filled a sandwich box with water and threw it at me while I was loading the dishwasher.That got her out of cleaning the kitchen as I figured she was making a bigger mess for me so I might as well do it myself.

She was then told to take her meds and get ready for bed. She refused to take her meds so Dad hauled her to her room where she continued her behavior. She made another hole in the wall (sigh)and destroyed some clothes. I need to try and get a look in her mouth to see what kind of damage she did to her braces.

It has been a really nice summer for the most part, but we have had birthdays, a camping trip, and special school activities so we knew that sooner or later the stormy weather would be back. She just can not stand to much fun, family, or love. I hope this storm blows out of here soon so we can finish off the summer with a lot less noise and drama. I would be perfectly happy living out in the desert where thunderstorms are rare.

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