Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Duty Calls

It is your civic responsibility as a law abiding citizen to serve jury duty. That is all fine with me except that the set up stinks. From September 1 through December 31 I am "on call" to serve. Well lets see here how does that fit in the schedule of at least two kids having surgery, IEP meetings, Orthodontist and doctors appointments, medication changes, laundry, feeding everyone, massive amounts of paperwork, and a court date that we have scheduled, and by the way we ARE GOING on vacation in December.

I am able to get the time off for the vacation YA-HOO! Everything else I have to call the court house at least ten days in advance and request it off and there are no guarantees that I will get excused. I have already made arrangements for Angie to be available if needed and Dad, even though it stinks will have to take some time off from work too. I have dealt with all of this medical and school stuff for all of the kids and they really need me to be at all of these appointments all the time.

When I spoke with the lady at the court house she told me that I could get excused for now, but then I would have to schedule a time in the next nine months to serve, like all of my responsibilities will have gone away in the next nine months. I decided that I might as well deal with it now because it would be the same mess later.

Get ready Angie and Dad because if there is a crisis and I am busy being good American citizen you get to handle it. Really world this mom REALLY does not have time for this.


  1. But think of the example you are setting for your kids! NY only has us on call for 1 (yes, one) week>

  2. I've never been asked to do jury duty. Have fun with that!