Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We have been making adjustments to Hanna`s meds for several weeks now and I think we are actually getting some where positive in the process. We have had only one minor losing her cool incident in the last seven days and that is a huge improvement from two or more mostly major such occurrences every single day. It is taking a cocktail of five different medications to manage her day. That sort of makes my head spin, because it is an awful lot of medication, but if it gives us some calm and keeps all of the rest of us from going crazy then we will go for it.

No, getting her behavior under control with medications does not change everything for us. We have a very long way to go in that department.

We have to have at least two adults in the vehicle whenever we take Hanna anywhere.

We have to lock our food, money, medications, phones, computers, toys, and anything else that may be valuable to anyone up.

We have to have an alarm system on to make sure she does not take off during the night.

We have to keep a very structured, routine, repetitious schedule for her.

No one in this family trusts her at all, and it is going to take an awful lot of time and work on her part before that can happen.

She still takes things without even thinking about what she is doing. She lies all the time, even about the most obvious stuff, like (did you make your bed, and I am looking right past her and see that the bed is not made). She tries to manipulate people and play one person off another.

Most important of all she still has an attachment disorder and likely always will. That has not changed one bit. No matter how stable she is she will always need a great deal of structure and supervision in order to be successful. When she does not have those supports in place to help her navigate a world that is very difficult for her she falls apart.

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