Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Day Of Appointments

I am going to get some chili in the crock pot this morning so that when everyone gets home dinner it will be ready to put on the table. Everyone might just starve if Mom does not plan ahead.

After that I am off to appointments with Lauren. She has her six month dentist appointment and then we have to check in with the neurologist, too. The dentist will be easy since I do not think that there are any issues there. The neurologist , well things are improving on that front as well, but we are still seeing times when there is seizure activity. I think this is going to be something to monitor forever, just one thing at a time.

I won`t get much of anything else done around here so tomorrow will have to be a day to catch up on all of the ordinary stuff. I just got a very large envelope of paperwork from Paul`s school to go through while the dryer is spins. Could life get any more boring then that?

Boring is better then chaos as far as I am concerned.

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