Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Orthodontist Tells It Like It Is

Yesterday was a very long day around here. Lauren and Hanna had orthodontist appointments and we also had a lot of other stuff to deal with too.

Lauren was being a putts at school yesterday morning as she has been a lot of the time lately, but we are working on that situation which is not going to get resolved or resolve itself any time soon so that is just the way things are for now. She did fine at the orthodontist as usual. She never messes with her braces and except for being a careless brusher things are going well. She shocked everyone because she did not choose to have purple bands on this time and that is a first.

Hanna, has done everything she can think of to mess with her braces and the orthodontist, yesterday laid into her, very tactfully so mind you. I have given her this talk to many times to count already. She told Hanna that if she ever wanted to get her braces off she needed to stop tearing them apart and stop eating things like the Laffy TAffy she had stuck under her wire. The doctor said something about getting into things that did not belong to her and then Hanna lost it, completely.

She said that she had gotten into the stuff from Mom`s closet. Dad and I knew that she had climbed up the closet shelves and gotten into the Easter candy which was up there. We knew it was her because everything was open and ALL of the things which contain peanut butter were gone. They are her favorite things in the world. This is something that took quite a bit of work to get into because I have to get the kitchen stool in order to reach up there and she is shorter that I am. We had decided that we were not going to talk about all of this with her until later since we had enough going on at the time.

Well since she fessed up to the orthodontist we had to deal with this crisis. Since yesterday afternoon we have had a screaming, kicking, hitting, throwing everything, breaking the door, fit. She has not even calmed down enough to talk about it yet.

Just like every other time she will say that she won`t do it again and she really wants us to trust her and she really wants to be good and on and on and on. I am so tired of this speech of hers. It just makes me crazy. If you REALLY want to be trusted why on earth do you keep doing this stuff. It is not doing damage to us when you take our stuff because we will live without it and we will move on. It must be fun to hurt yourself or something, and that just boggles my mind that people will do this to themselves over and over again.

I am pretty sure the work they did in her mouth yesterday is already in a state of disrepair so we will be heading back to fix that shortly. Oh it is a pleasure to be Hanna`s Mom, on days like this I think that would be a huge, NOT!

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  1. Im sorry that some days are like that. I have my own little thief at the moment. with 10 kids we have 1 who steals. 1 who breaks. 1 who meltsdown and lashes out hurting others. 1 who thinks he is helpless. 1 who hates everything and everyone because she is 14. thankfully the other 5 are pretty easy to get along with.