Thursday, March 31, 2011

Road Block

Now that it has finally warmed up and most of the snow is gone I have been sending the kids outside after school. Lauren and Hanna like to go for a walk. Well, actually Lauren takes her power chair and everyone else walks. Allen wanted to swing and Paul wanted to stay with Mom so Christine headed out with the girls.

It was Hanna`s turn to decide where they went so before they left I reminded her that they could not go over by her friend`s house. This friend (Miss Trouble) is one of those that gets Hanna in trouble every time they come in contact with one another. I said something to the effect that there is a road block on the road by her house and she should keep that in mind when deciding where to go so that she would not get herself into trouble.

They came back about forty-five minutes later and Hanna was fuming so I asked Lauren and Christine what had happened. They told me that they had walked on the sidewalk across the street from Miss Trouble`s house and then Christine reminded Hanna that they could not go over there so they went around the circle and went back the same way they had come from. Hanna then wanted to walk over there again so Christine decided that it would be a good idea to head home because she was getting worked up and whining because there was nothing on the road and they could walk over there for a little while.

Hanna was still stewing so I asked her what the problem was and she yelled at me "you lied to me there is no road block there". Well, no there was no physical road block there, but she needs to keep it in her head to stay away from there. When I explained this to her again she simply could not understand, or maybe she just did not want to.

Maybe next time I need to find the orange cones in the garage and put a road block there just for Hanna.

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  1. I would have lost GB with that kind of explanation too. She does not understand why people would say something was there when there wasn't. LOL- it is one of those things you just can't fight :)