Friday, March 4, 2011

The Weather Report

I often relate Hanna`s behavior to the weather. It is either sunny,warm, calm, or more often then not we have tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes, wind storms, and lots of rain too.

Since Tuesday afternoon it has been a good ole blizzard here. She spent thirty hours completely out of wackes melting down, trashing her room, destroying the alarm system, and slamming furniture into the wall, She threw EVERYTHING out of her room, so I claimed all of it except for three changes of clothes. She has not combed her hair for days and it looks like a regular birds nest, yet she claims that one of the paras at school says "it looks fine", if so someone needs to get their eyes examined. She missed school Wednesday, the day she trashed the place. She went to school yesterday and stewed all day. She had erased what I had written in her behavior notebook because she did not want anyone to know that she was in trouble, but the teacher noticed and so now she is in more trouble then she would have been if she had just left it the way it was. She then came home to pout, pinch and hit herself, and start the screaming nonstop until she got sent to her room because no one could put up with it any longer. She screamed in there until 10:40 pm. She had to be at school at 6:50 this morning to serve detention for skipping school which ticked her older sister off big time because that meant that she had to get up early to transport her. If there weren`t mountains of snow and ice everywhere I would have gotten up and walked her there myself, but I am in no mood to deal with the elements right now.

So where do we go from here? I don`t know, we will see how the detention and the speech about skipping school went. My guess is that she sat there and looked right past the teacher who drew the short straw and got to give that talk, as if she does not understand at all. We are working on medication changes, but this is not all about meds. It has a lot more to do with attachment and FASD and how to deal with that is a huge question mark.

By the way besides the Hanna blizzard we have had all week the weatherman is forecasting a real snow storm here next week. Please God, let there be school every day next week because Hanna will be with me on Monday for medical appointments and that is just about all I can handle of that kid for the time being, that is if we make it through the weekend first.

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  1. oh Cyndi - I so can empathize with you. Our storm hit last night, Matt and I are still in recovery mode, the girls seem just fine. It always amazes us how calm they are after a complete electrical mental storm.