Monday, September 26, 2011

As Predictable As Charlie Brown...

Every autumn as Lucy holds that football for Charlie Brown to kick, and then she pulls it away so he lands flat on his backside. It is predictable, it always happens without fail. We have the autumn predictability of homecoming Hanna crazy through the roof behavior. It just started today so we have four more days of stomping, yelling, lying, throwing things, and a really bad attitude. Are we not just the luckiest family, we won a total nut house for a week.

I don`t know when people will finally listen when I tell them do not mess with the schedule, change the routine, or do any of this "fun stuff" because the kid can not handle it and then we pay for it big time at home. Hanna does not understand what toga day, bling day, or spirit day are and none of that is worth teaching her because it will have no impact on her day to day life now or in the future.

Oh my aching head! I hope she does not fight her meds and pace and scream to long.

Charlie Brown never figures it out so I guess neither will the rest of the world.

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