Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Never Never Ever

We are still running on Homecoming crazy around here. Dad and I have gotten the I am never, never, ever going to talk to you because you never, ever let me do what I want to do thing. This, I am not going to talk to you would be just fine, but the kid is yelling this at us so actually she is talking to us, but we are not going to respond until the volume comes down and things stop flying everywhere.

She told Karre the same thing except that Karre has the brownies and she would really like one so now she thinks it is okay to talk to her to get what she wants. She is not getting a brownie tonight with that behavior. When she wants things is pretty much the only time she communicates with anyone around here, notice everything is about me, me, me.

There is never, never, ever going to be any peace and quiet around here as long as she is doing her thing, I know that for sure.

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