Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Paper Pusher

I have been a very busy paper pusher lately. I have copied so many pages of stuff that I ran out of black ink. I had a rather nasty paper jam to undo. I have written numerous letters. I am working on adoption assistance for my soon to be eighteen year olds.I am working with two different states with different processes. I spent two and a half hours on the phone with the Social Security Administration and then got to speak with a guy who could barely speak English and certainly had no understanding of the complex issues that I was dealing with so guess what I get to do it all over again with a supervisor later this week. Why the heck didn`t they let me speak with someone who knows what is going on in the first place! I made three medical appointments and got prescriptions refilled so the wild children do not get out of hand.

After all of that I began dealing with trying to get Paul a new pair of glasses since he lost his and we can not find them any where. We even put out a $20.00 reward which usually get results around here, but no finders so far. This losing glasses creates an insurance mess. First of all we have to get a new prescription since the current one is more then twelve months old. If we fill it and he needs a different one in January (when he has his next scheduled appointment) they will not pay for the change. If we just let him go without them until his appointment then we have the school going bonkers. To make matters just a little bit more crazy we have to get a new paper from the pediatrician stating that he needs flexible frames because he will have the cheap ones in multiple pieces in less then a day. All of this takes time and lots of phone calls and papers to fill out.

This is what I do all the time to keep these kids functioning. I think I could make really good wages as a professional paper pusher.

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