Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In The Bushes

After school yesterday was going as smoothly as things can go that time of day around here. Allen had gone out to release his stress on the swing, Hanna and Paul went to the park with our PCA, and since Lauren was just sitting on her butt I was putting her to work with me. We unloaded the backpacks and lunchboxes and Lauren unloaded the dishwasher. I had just started preparing dinner and was helping Lauren make lunches for today when the park crew returned.

Hanna told me that she was heading to the restroom and Angie was helping Paul, who was freaking out because he had knots in his shoes and he could not get them off as fast as he wanted to. When Angie got done handling the shoe problem I asked her to check on Hanna (we have a lot of issues with her in bathrooms) and after checking all four of the bathrooms and not finding her the search was on.

Hanna does not usually run off unless she is in one of her mad at the world moods and she had not been acting up at all so I got concerned rather quickly. I went upstairs checking closets, under beds, in Paul`s fort, etc and found her no where. While I was upstairs looking Angie was in the basement doing the same.

Then Karre returned from the grocery store so I told her to check in the garage. About this time I was going for the phone to call in our local law enforcement friends once again (they know Hanna all to well) when Karre comes in to tell me to look out the back door. There was Hanna sitting in the tomato bushes (which are very over grown) eating the tomatoes.

I had to explain once again to the kid that she can not just take off and go where ever she wants to because she scared the heck out of all of us and she can not keep herself safe. She just stared at me with that blank look telling me that she had no idea what I was talking about. I sure hope those tomatoes were tasty!

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