Thursday, September 15, 2011


This morning Paul was in a total panic because he wanted to wear his Tow-Mater t-shirt, which has yogurt all over it and it is in the laundry. He threw it in the dryer and told me that I need to wash it "NOW" so he can wear it to school now. Well there is no explaining that it takes a while to wash and dry the shirt so I was not even going to go there with him because he would not understand. I was able to get some other clothes on him and get his tires (shoes) on, I gave him his fuel (lunch box), and sent him out the door. We could not find his mirrors (glasses) anywhere so he is just going without them for today.

He left stomping and yelling that Mater can not back up without his mirrors. I guess Mater is just going to have to drive forward for today.

I am so in love with that kid, Tow-Mater and all!

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