Friday, September 9, 2011

Beyond Awareness

Today is FASD awareness day, but I think it is time to move beyond awareness. With all the accessible information out there I think people are finally coming to the understanding that alcohol messes people up big time. I know that there will always be those out there who will say "I just didn`t know" and for some of them that may actually be the case, but come on now, the reality is that they really do know, they just do not want to deal with the issue because they are not comfortable with it, they can use alcohol because their kid will not turn out like that, or they feel it does not directly affect them so they simply do not care.

It is time to figure out how educate the kids affected with FASD.
It is time to figure out how to keep the teens and adults affected with FASD out of the criminal justice system.
It is time to figure out how to provide appropriate services for all persons with FASD.

Most of all it is time to stop the alcohol consumption to prevent FASD in the first place!!!

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