Friday, October 28, 2011

Karre Gets To Move Out

Today is the day Karre has been waiting for. It is the day she signs her life away and begins being a home owner. Yes, our eighteen year old daughter is buying a townhouse. She is so excited, has worked so hard to earn her money, and really wants her own place. Actually she really needs a break from Hanna, (all of us do).

Karre is the fourth of our eight kids, but she will be the first one to have her own place. She is the youngest person the Realtor has ever sold property to. As she puts it most kids just are not this responsible.

Karre was able to buy a two bedroom, two bath townhouse with a double garage for less then she would be paying to rent a two bedroom, one bath place with no garage.

Way to go Karre, we are so proud of you!!! I am sure you will come across town for Mom cooking several times a week.

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