Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wishing For The Impossible

The kids have not had school since last Wednesday morning and Hanna has spent all of this break in trouble. I am SO GLAD Dad and Karre were the two who caught her and laid down the law for once!!! I am the one who deals with this 99% of the time and it gets really tiring.

Even before the break from school started Hanna was caught eating and drinking what was in her lunch box on the bus on the way to school. We had to get her seated where she can be watched on the bus.

She stole a lot of stuff from Karre`s room. Karre is really excited that she is moving to her own place the end of the week. I do not blame her at all, having a kid sister who constantly rips you off really is no fun at all. Karre is a really caring sister who has let Hanna get away with an awful lot, but there comes a time when enough is enough.

Dad caught her stealing the snacks that I purchase for the kids lunch boxes. Lets just say she had herself a real feast. She will not be having any snacks or deserts in her lunch for a very long time.

She could not figure out what the problem with taking the snacks was so she then stole a whole box of graham crackers, too.

She had to top the weekend off by stealing the controller for our main radio which has all of our alarms set on it. It is the one we let Paul listen to because he can not go to sleep without noise in his room. Anyway she took the controller and hid it in the drawer which contains sweat shirts in Lauren`s room. She was telling us that Lauren took it and put it there, but after everyone told her we did not believe her she admitted that she had taken it because she was mad and wanted to get Lauren in trouble.

You can NEVER believe anything that kid tells you. She lies about EVERYTHING. It just comes out of her mouth before she even thinks about what she is saying. She can not be left for even one minute unsupervised, EVER.

I don`t know how much longer we can keep doing this. There are days when it would be so nice not to have to deal with this crazy behavior.

It would be nice to know that my money will still be in my purse if I forget or don`t have time to lock it up.

It would be nice to make meals with all of the food I bought available to make them with.

It would be nice to go just one day without being lied to at least a hundred times.

It would be nice to go without carrying a stack of keys around.

It would be nice for all of the other kids to not be blamed for things they did not do.

It would just be nice to live a life free from stealing, lying, cheating, screaming, hitting, kicking, and manipulation. I might be wishing for the impossible here, but I still wish for it anyway.

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  1. Oh, I dream of the day - sometime in the near future - when I can trust again. When I don't have to have the ring of keys on me at all times. No one around us gets it. They all look at our reactions to the constant lying and stealing and tantrums as punitive. We are just trying to survive here. We didn't start locking things up until we had tried absolutely every other tactic. It was kind of amazing how much our grocery bills went down after we put locks on the pantry and refrigerators. We only locked them up when our son was home or when we went to bed, but I realized that I wasn't opening up the pantry to find empty cereal and cracker boxes anymore. If I bought ingredients to make something - they were actually there when I went to make it! Now, we still forget sometimes and, again, it's amazing how my son always seems to figure out when something has been left unlocked and pounce at the opportunity to steal again. When he steals food, it's the whole box, or several packages of what looks good to him. Most of our behaviors are reactive, we don't plan these things to do to make our home seem like a prison to the kids who don't steal, but it is what it is for now.

    The crazy lying just sends me over the edge. We are usually able to get him to confess, he is easily distracted and we usually can get him to spill his guts before he even knows he's doing it - but still....that doesn't bode well for his future either. I keep thinking that he is going to steal from someone one day who is not just going to ask him to give it back - they're going to make him PAY. Scary - and yet I don't think he'll learn. He'll see himself as the victim.

    If only he would use these tactics and manipulations for GOOD instead of always figuring out how to get something for nothing. Why work and earn one treat when you can just watch everyone else work and then steal the whole box when no one is looking seems to be his mission statement.