Monday, October 10, 2011

Schedule Chaos

The people who work in the scheduling department at Gillette Children`s Hospital work hard to earn their pay. Lauren needs Phenal injunctions, an MRI with contrast, a lumbar puncture, and sealants on her teeth. The goal is to get this all done on one day so that she has Anestassia once rather than four times thus avoiding three extra pre-op physicals. In order to do this all of the physicians, operating room team and an available operating room that can meet all of her needs has to be open at one time. Yeah, it gets a bit complicated but we have done it before and will get it done again.

I was on the phone six times today with the scheduler. We have an operating room, the operating room team, and two of the four physicians scheduled. She is trying to re-arrange the schedules of the other two physicians to make this work.

I do a lot of scheduling to keep these kids going, but that lady has me beat by a lot. I can not even imagine how much chaos she organizes every day. We will be back at it tomorrow.

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