Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let`s Do This Once Again

I took three kids to the dentist this morning. Everyone has great teeth, but we have Allen who is just about an adult (I can hardly believe it) who has a huge wisdom teeth issue. With the Down Syndrome and FASD combination he has a very small jaw, even smaller then the average male with Down Syndrome alone, so needless to say those teeth have no place to go except places which will cause enormous problems. The kid has never had a cavity in his life and his teeth are straight which is pretty unusual for someone who has his issues.

I have already been dealing with the issue of getting MA to pay for removal of Lauren`s wisdom teeth and thus far have had zero success. Allen`s dentist is a young go getter of a lady who says she will give it a try to get this approved for him. I wished her lots of luck and told her to go for it. We will see what happens with that. We will cross our fingers, hope for the best, and say a few prayers too, just for good measure.

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